The first of the TOMAS GROUP companies was established in October 1991. Even the name of the capital group shows that it claims and also claimed in the past allegiance to a significant world-famous businessman Tomáš Baťa, who was the founder of the Tomáš mine in Ratíškovicích.



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Tomáš Baťa

Since its inception, TOMÁŠ group, spol. s r.o. activities have mainly focused on developing and producing mining technologies. Over time and with various market influences, the company has grown and restructured. Around TOMÁŠ group, spol. s r.o. a group of mainly engineering companies with significant employment, development and production potential (mainly T Machinery et al., FITE a.s., TH, s.r.o. and others) has been formed.


The TOMAS GROUP is one of the largest Czech and European producers of MB mining machines, conveyor belts, mine reinforcements, PZF support equipment, BIZON mining locomotives and thermal high-temperature hot water, and TH hot-water boilers.

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Down position



The quality and uniqueness of TOMAS GROUPS's products is the basis of its success. TOMÁŠ GROUP companies have long been recognized for the first-class quality and uniqueness of their products.


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MB 280 E in National Technical Museum

In particular, T Machinery was honoured by being included in the permanent mining exhibition at the National Technical Museum in Prague - an MB combine, i.e. the MB 280 E, a mechanized reinforcement, rake conveyor gutters, and the control panel. The general public can then get to know this unique facility, the work of the company, as well as the work of its employees.





In 2017, two companies from the TOMÁŠ GROUP, namely TOMÁŠ group, spol. s r.o. and T Machinery a.s. were in the CZECH TOP 100 Awards of the Czech Stability Award and were among the most stable companies in the Czech Republic. T Machinery a.s. was awarded the AAA Czech Stability Award, which is the highest possible under this rating.

The TOMAS GROUP can boast steady outputs and turnovers that reach billions, dynamic development of new production technologies, both in mining technology and thermal technology. It is also one of the most important employers in its region of Hodonín in the south of Moravia.



The success of TOMAS GROUP is based on professionalism, narrow specialization and the teamwork of the top experts in individual companies. All companies employ highly qualified and loyal employees to help achieve their success.

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The TOMÁŠ GROUP values their employees' work and depends on their satisfaction. As standard, they have a five-week holiday, food and life insurance contributions, language courses paid for by the employer, working clothes, including care for their clothes , for example their cleanliness and much more.

TOMÁŠ GROUP companies think not only about their employees and their family members, but also the general public. Therefore they support youth, sporting activities and other cultural social events in their region. A Children's Day is organized regularly and for adults a traditional and social ball is popular. Companies also sponsor exhibitions, vernissages and concerts in their surroundings.



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